Intercity Men 2023

Intercity is the premier club competition played with neighbouring associations from June - August. 

We have a glut of talented young players coming through and are forming an Intercity mens premier team in 2023.  We are opening the doors to all eligible players to let us know their availability.  The expresssion of interest will keep you upto date of the appointed coach and manager etc.    There may well be a sponsor or two! We will form a large squad and organise some team training.  Whilst this is the premier competition we understand players wider commitments, so trainings and games will be based around what you are able to contribute. We are flexible!   For more info you can email Kim  But click on the expression of interest link so we can keep you updated

Team entries due in March 2023. - Exciting times!

Players min age - 16 years and above.

Swamp foxes play hockey with pride!