Match Results for Senior Games  -  Umpires to complete the Match Results form below..  This is in addition to the scorecard which must be signed by the captain, umpires listed and returned to the pigeonhole at the turf. 

Umpires - We all love to moan about the decisions they make, but the fact is that they are probably the two most important people on the Turf. Without independent adjudicators to enforce the adherence to not just the rules but the spirit of the game, then Hockey and really all organised sport would be impossible!

So for that reason it is in the best interests of everyone who plays, administers or just enjoys hockey that the Umpires get support both on and off the field.

At Thames Valley we want our umpires to be a major contributing part of our association. So to that end we now have an Umpire Coordinator to help Umpires and Umpiring - at all levels.
The association as a whole is always on the lookout for initiatives that we can use to promote/improve our Umpires.

* if you have ideas that you would like to float.
* If you would like to become an Umpire,
* or you just want to ask a question
Then please email away!

You can contact him at