Learning to umpire for the first time can be daunting.  We have a junior umpire programme with mentors to help anyone  on the turf to begin their umpiring career.  For further information and support email

Umpires - We all love to moan about the decisions they make, but the fact is that they are probably the two most important people on the Turf. Without independent adjudicators to enforce the adherence to not just the rules but the spirit of the game, then Hockey and really all organised sport would be impossible!

So it is in the best interests of everyone who plays, administers or just enjoys hockey that the Umpires get support both on and off the field. 

In 2024 we will be recording all cards issued, Click here for an explanation of the card rules.

Umpires are provided by the teams entering the competition and we encourage all players to take their turn in umpiring.  We run training programmes during the season to assist teams and players with umpires.  Umpires are vital for the running of the game not just for keeping the scores! 

For Senior and Secondary Umpires -  Scorecards must be signed by the captain, umpires listed and cards returned to the pigeonhole at the turf as well as recorded on the online form.  If no results are  online a nil all score will be submitted and no umpire payments made.  Here are the links to the online results forms